These Should Be Your 2014 Hair Resolutions

As we head into 2014, it’s the perfect time to set new goals. How about giving your hair a little extra love? Here are a few ideas to make sure your hair is healthy and beautiful the whole year through.

Commit to getting your hair cut more frequently.

Short hair (above the shoulders) should be cut every 5 weeks. Medium lengths (around the shoulders) require every 6 weeks. Long hair should visit the salon every 8 weeks. If you want to maintain your length, trim 3/4″ to 1/2″ off. If you are in the process of growing your hair longer, cut about a 1/4″ off. Getting your hair cut more frequently keeps your hair looking healthy and reduces the risk of split ends. Set yourself up for success in the new year by pre-booking your appointments with your hairstylist. Typically your stylist will give you a reminder notice prior to your visit, making it easy to keep track of your appointments.

Do a hair product overhaul.

Many times it may seem like hair products are breeding in our bathrooms. That hair gel you’ve had since 2005? Time to let it go. Ask your stylist to add 15-20 minutes onto your next appointment and bring in any and all hair products from home. Your stylist can consult with you, narrowing down what are the best choices for your hair and what products you may be missing to help create your dream style. Everything that is not relevant to your current style should be recycled or donated to a local women’s shelter. This way you have only what you need for your hair and you don’t have to worry about it being too old or expired.

Treat yourself to a color glaze.

Kick off the new year with incredible shine. Treatments designed to rejuvenate the health of your hair are important, but to really turn up the shine, treat yourself to a color glaze. A color glaze is a demi permanent color with a life span of about 6-8 weeks. If you love the color you have, a clear formulation can be used to enhance it with amazing reflect. Want to give a little more tone to your hair? Your colorist can add a bit of copper to spice it up, gold to give a warm glow, or a deep rich brown to cool it down. Whether you have previously colored hair or no color at all, this is a service with highly visible effects that everyone can benefit from.

Try something new.

How long has it been since you changed your hair style? This is a great time to add bangs, go a little shorter, add layers, go darker, go lighter, turn up the red, add highlights. Shake it up by doing something different from what you have now. In need of some inspiration? Every time you see an image of a style or color that you like, save it in a file. Before long, you’ll have a photo album of hair you like. Don’t worry if the styles are right for you. Go through the album with your stylist at your next salon visit. Talk to her about what attracted you to the pictures. She can consult with you to help figure out what will work best with your hair type, facial shape, and personal style.

Happy 2014! Enjoy all that is to come and be sure to kick it off with beautiful, healthy hair.

The Top 3 Salon Services Your Hair Needs This Fall

Nina DobrevSummer is over. Time to get your hair ready for fall! Here are the top 3 salon services I am recommending to all of my salon guests to ensure they have a season of beautiful and healthy hair.

1. Customized Salon Treatment

When was the last time you treated your hair to a salon treatment? Professional salon hair repair services are more effective than any home treatment. Your stylist can determine what your hair needs and create a custom blend for you. Strength, softness, frizz reduction, and color retention are just a few of the options. These treatments take minutes to apply and the effects are long-lasting. It’s the perfect way to say goodbye to sun damaged hair and hello to healthy hair for fall.

2. A Super Shine Color Glaze

At the end of summer hair, is flat and dry and the color is usually washed out or lightened from the sun. A Demi Permanent Color Glaze is an easy way to bring back intense shine and reflection to your hair. Demi Permanent color is ammonia-free, making it gentle on all hair types. The glaze can be clear in color adding shine to your current color or it can tone down the color creating dimension and richness for the next season. This service requires little maintenance, shows almost no grow out, and doesn’t lock you in as a “color client” for the future. A beautiful way to give new life to your hair.

3. Steam Infusion Flat Iron

Love the look of flat ironed hair, but worried about the damage it can create to your hair? Redken has partnered with small appliance specialist Rowenta to create a steam infusion flat iron that actually cares for your hair as it straightens it. This system can only be found in salons and is partnered with specialty Redken products. After experiencing this in-salon flat iron service, you may never want to use your home flat iron again. Hair is silky, shiny, and feels incredibly healthy. The steam allows beneficial ingredients to drive deep into the hair strand for ultimate effectiveness, something a traditional flat iron can’t do.

A change in seasons is the perfect time re-asses your hair’s needs. These services aren’t “treats” for your hair, they are required maintenance to keep your hair healthy and beautiful. Take the time to give back to your hair and trust your stylists recommendations. You deserve it!

Think You’re Losing Hair? Read This.

Hair LossThis is for anyone who has ever been worried about the amount of hair they are losing. Whether you notice it in the shower, see it on the bathroom floor, or left in a brush, hair loss happens. If you feel your hair is thinning, you’re not alone. As we age, everyone experiences hair loss. Here is some information about what is normal, what is not, and what you can do about it.

Normal Daily Hair Loss

On average, we lose 100 hairs a day. If your hair is shoulder length or longer, this shedding process may be more noticeable because of the length. Shampooing and brushing your hair facilitates this process. If you spread out your shampoos to every other or every third day it may seem like you are loosing more than a normal amount of hair, but in reality it is the accumulation of hair from the days you didn’t shampoo. I have naturally wavy hair. When I wear it curly, I never brush through it and I shampoo every third day. By the time I shampoo and comb through my hair I have a fist full of strands that are determined to clog my drain if I don’t catch them. It seems like there is a lot, but in reality it is just an accumulation of 3 days of normal shedding hair.

Your hair goes through 3 phases of growth: anagen, catagen, and telogen. The anagen phase is know as the growth phase. The longer your growth phase, the longer you can grow your hair. If you feel like you can never get your hair to grow to your dream length it is probably because you have a short anagen phase. At any time 85-95% of you hair is in the anagen phase. In the catagen phase the hair strand is released from the follicle, cutting off blood supply needed for growth. In this phase the hair is not growing but still securely on your head. Finally there is the telogen phase. This is the phase where shedding occurs and effects 13% of your hair. During this phase the existing strand is released as the follicle begins to regenerate a new strand. The length of these phases are determined by genetics so you can thank your parents for your abundance or lack of hair.

Hot Tip – Want more hair? Get Pregnant.

During a pregnancy, your hormones change causing more of your hair to be in the anagen, or growth phase. This is why pregnant women experience amazing hair growth. The downside is that as hormones re-adjust after pregnancy, typically when you finish breastfeeding, then hair kicks in to the telogen phase when excessive hair loss is experienced.

Hair Loss From Aging

About 50% of men and 74% of women claim to be effected by hair loss. In the US nearly 30 million women experience hair loss at some point in their lives. As we age we experience more hair loss. For those between the age of 18-34, 16% are experiencing hair loss, but the number jumps to about 45% for those over the age of 50.

Men and women produce testosterone, but as we age it converts to dihydrotestosterone or DHT. This affects the body’s ability to produce hair. The hair bulb is basically suffocated, causing it to be unable to grow hair. Menopause is when most women experience major hair loss as a result of this process.

Hair Loss From Life Changes

When I have a client who is experiencing greater than typical hair loss, I ask them to think about what changed in their lives 3 months prior. It takes that amount of time for our hair to be affected by falling out. This can be a change in diet, medication, or stress. Divorce, breakups, deaths, or unemployment are just a few examples of situations that can initiate hair loss. Going on or off medication including birth control, vitamins, supplements, antibiotics, and mood stabilizers can also affect hair loss. The good news is that it is not permanent. This type of loss is usually temporary and eventually grows back over time.

What You Can Do About Hair Loss

Some hair loss is permanent, but many times your follicles can be jump-started to initiate new growth. There are well know lines like Nioxin and Rogain that have been used by many to make it happen. Now other hair care companies are adding hair regenerating lines. At Fix we carry Redken products and they have developed Intra-Force, a 3 step process of products that combats the causes of thinning hair and reduces breakage by 95%. This line is designed to reduce a build up of sebum and DHT on the hair to promote a healthy environment for hair growth. Vitamin E and and Arginine are implemented to give the scalp nutrients for ideal follicle growth.

I love that I have a solution for my clients that are concerned about hair loss. I have seen the results and it’s impressive. When the correct products are prescribed and used appropriately I have seen a reduction in hair loss and new growth. Keep in mind hair that is generated as a result of any line of this kind is usually finer than normal hair, but it is hair. For men or women experiencing hair loss it can be empowering to see new growth come in after using the right products.

Hair loss can be a miserable experience, but when you have the right information to diagnose why it’s happening and products that can potentially stimulate new growth, you can find the silver lining. Talk to your stylist about your concerns and they can point you in the right direction so you can have healthy, beautiful hair.

5 Signs That It’s Time For A New Hairstylist

How do you know when you have reached the expiration date with your hair stylist? An even bigger issue is, how do you break up with her. Just like any relationship, some are not meant to stand the test of time. What was once a perfect partnership can evolve into habit and comfort zone. Sometimes it’s easier to stick with what we know, even if we aren’t excited about it, rather than try something new.

Here are some sure signs that it is time to make a change in who is styling your hair.

1. Your stylist doesn’t suggest updates to your look.

You walk in the salon, sit in the chair and your stylist immediately begins your service in the same manner that it has been done for the last 10 years. The color is already out, or you go straight back to the shampoo bowl for your cut. There should always be a conversation about how your hair is working for you and what your goals for that appointment will be. Additionally, your stylist should be giving you options based on the season, lifestyle changes and/or the condition of your hair. Even if you decide to not take the change, it shows that your stylist is working on keeping your hair up-to-date and healthy.

2. Your stylist is more personality than talent.

I know so many women who admit that they sacrifice satisfaction because they love the personality of their stylist. One of my mentors once told me that being a hair stylist is 90% personality and 10% skill. It’s true, no one wants to have a wet blanket as their stylist. But you are paying for skill, not story telling. Skill should be at least 50% of the package. Your hair should be 110% awesome when you leave the salon. Cut perfectly, colored beautifully and styled amazingly so you look and feel like a supermodel. Don’t cheat yourself of that because you look forward to hearing about the crazy party your stylist went to last weekend.

3. Your stylist doesn’t take the time to teach you how to recreate your look at home.

Part of every appointment should include a conversation about what products are being used, why they are perfect for you and great tips on how to get the same look at home. It doesn’t matter if you have been seeing your stylist for 6 months or 16 years, your hair should look salon beautiful everyday. Your stylist should make the right tools available to you and teach you how to use them to give you the power of style.

4. Your stylist isn’t respectful of your time.

All stylist have unexpected events that on occasion cause them to run 10-15 minutes behind, but if your stylist chronically runs late it is disrespectful of your time. Time is valuable. If you organize your day to arrive on time for your appointment, your stylist should be just as thoughtful. You can make a request with the receptionist or your stylist to be on time, but if it isn’t resolved, it may be time to move on.

5. Your stylist doesn’t take part in continuing education.

Like many industries, the hair world is always evolving. Product technology, trends, and techniques all change regularly. The most effective way for hair stylists to keep up-to-date is to attend continuing education courses. Most states do not require continuing education hours to maintain licensing, therefore it is a choice for stylists. If you were going to see a doctor would you rather see the one who hasn’t updated their education in 25 years or a doctor who regularly invests their time staying up-to-date on the latest innovations for your health. Easy answer, right? Shouldn’t it be the same for your hair?

Relate to any of these situations? No? Yay! You have an amazing stylist! Stay with them and they will be sure to make you beautiful forever. Now, if something hit close to home, give your stylist the benefit of the doubt. Tell them what you need from them. Chances are they will work hard to make you happy, but if the conversation takes place and you don’t see the change…it might be time to sit in someone else’s chair.

PS – Want to know how to find a new stylist and fall in love all over again? Read “How to Find Your Perfect Hairstylist” to make it easy!


You asked so I’m adding on…

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Thank you for your feedback and comments! Wow! I had no idea how popular this topic would be. Many of you wanted tips on how to break up with your stylist so here you go!

It’s not you it’s me.

Give your stylist a call or send them an email. Explain how much you have appreciated their work but you feel you want a fresh perspective. This isn’t a reflection of their work, rather you wanting to get someone else’s opinion. I have had this conversation with clients in my career. I always appreciate them letting me know rather than just disappearing. If they are moving on because I didn’t do my job, shame on me. If they want to “date around” I always encourage it, many times they realize we had a good thing and come back. A good hairstylist will support you and be understanding.


All of us hate to cause hurt feelings, so if it’s easier, lie. Here are some example you can use:

“My daughter bought me a gift certificate at another salon.”

“My budget has changed and I need to find a stylist who fits my investment.”

“My husband had too much to drink at an auction and purchased a lifetime of hair care an another salon.”

“I’ve decided to try a salon closer to home.”

“My phone crashed and I lost the number to the salon.”

“I was out of town and decided I needed a haircut.”

Just Do It.

Not comfortable with the first two options? Just do it. Go cold turkey. Set up a consultation with a new stylist and if you like her, make the  appointment. It’s your hair. Don’t apologize. You deserve to to have amazing hair. If you run into your former stylist, don’t hide. Instead, smile, say hello, give her/him a big hug. You can do it!

Breaking up is hard to do. You may feel awkward, sad, or, guilty, but this too shall pass.  Do your best to leave respectfully and enjoy building a new relationship with your next stylist.

Changing Your Identity with Hair Color: Are you ready for the challenge?

Tiffany "The Blonde"Meet Tiffany. Tiffany has been one of my best friends for over 20 years. Tiffany is a blonde. I’m not using this as a discriptor as much as I am using it as a title. Tiffany is “A Blonde”. It’s her identity, philosophy and lifestyle. Two years ago we took her from a dimensional foiled blonde to a full on platinum blonde. She LOVED it. When she walked in a room you couldn’t help but turn to look at her. Blonde is an attention grabbing color. Why do you think so many Hollywood celebrities take on this look? Unfortunately, after two years of heavy lightening every three weeks, her hair surrendered. It couldn’t take the demand of such intense treatments. It weakened, and became damaged beyond repair. Tiffany had to make a decision: change her hair color or cut off the damaged ends into a short haircut. Both of which were the kiss of death to her identity. Here’s where the journey to her new identity began….

The Consultation (Intense Therapy)

If Tiff couldn’t be platinum blonde, she wanted to find a new color that would still “pop.” She started to talk to me about becoming strawberry blonde like Nicole Kiddman. My concern with this choice was her skin tone. Tiffany has a pink complexion, and pink skin tones look best when complimented by cool colors. (Warm tones make the pink stand out more.) I also needed to make sure that my client and best friend understood that whatever choice she made, she would have to stick with it. Her hair was in no condition to handle  re-lightening. Of course, explaining this is difficult. Since seeing is believing, I decided to take Tiff on a field trip to prove my point.

A Wig Shopping We Will Go

I asked Tiffany to meet me at a beauty supply store that carries tons of wigs. Here we chose wigs of different tones of red for her to try on. It became immediately clear that strawberry blondes were a miss. They didn’t compliment her skin tone and they provided no “pop.” Then she tried on a dark cool cherry red. It was perfect! Initially Tiffany would have never thought to go from lightest blonde to this strong red, but getting to “test drive it” first gave her a whole new insight on the possibility. At my suggestion, Tiff bought the wig to take home so she could warm up to her potential new look.

Decision Time

I checked in with Tiffany 3 days after the wig purchase to see how it was going. She had experienced mixed reviews from her husband and friends. Remember, Tiffany’s blonde was a signature statement for her, so a new hair color not only changes the way she views herself, but also affects the way people see her. We discussed how it was important that she love the choice and to be ready for further mixed reviews. At the end of our conversation, she was ready to commit. Tiffany was going red!

The Process

In an earlier post, I documented my client, Christin, going from brown to peach. Christin and Tiffany’s processes both fall under a color correction service. Many times we see celebrities go through extreme color changes in what seems like overnight. I think it’s important to recognize the investment of time and money, as well as the value of working with a colorist who understand the importance of maintaining the hair’s health and integrity through this service. We took pictures of Tiffany’s entire journey to red so you could understand the process.

Step 1: Pre-Tre

Before we could apply any color, I performed two different protein treatments on Tiff’s hair. When hair has been extremely lightened, it needs protein to strengthen it. Additionally, the protein gives the color something to hold on to. If we skipped these protein treatments, the color would have a hard time looking dimensional and fall out in the first few shampoos. Redken CAT treatment was applied first, then followed by a Redken Chemistry Strength shot and sealed with a 3.5 pH spray.

Step 2: The First Fill ProcessFirst Fill

In the salon world we use numbers to refer to lightness and darkness and color as the tone. Our goal for Tiffany was to achieve a level 6 Red. If I applied a level 6 red on her blonde hair as the first color step, the end result would be flat, chalky and pink. This is because red needs yellows, golds, and oranges to give it vibrancy. To build these colors in the hair, it must be done in layers, a process we call “filling” the hair. A fill formula is a color application designed to put base tones in the hair that will support the final color. Each layer is applied and processed like a traditional color application. For the first fill, I chose a Redken Shades EQ gloss with copper and warm gold tones.

Step 3: More Protein

Firs Fill Result

After the fill formula processed for 20 minutes, I shampooed it and followed up with another protein treatment to continue to prepare the hair for more color.

Step 4: Second Fill Formula

Second Fill Application For the second fill formula, I chose more copper and gold tones with a little bit of red. Shades EQ cream was the perfect choice for its low alkalinity, but rich deposit.

Step 5: More Protein
Are you seeing a pattern here? Protein is a big deal in color correction!

Second Fill Result

Step 6: Final Formula ApplicationFinal Color Application
After two fill processes, I had built up a warm base to support the final red color we wanted. For the final formula I went with Redken Chromatics. This is a permanent color with no ammonia. That means is will give a rich deposit and is gentle on Tiff’s hair. Chromatics uses an oil delivery system which also helps to reduce future breakage in hair. I love the Reds in this line because they are strong, vibrant and dimensional. I applied the color from roots to ends and let it process for 35 minutes.

Step 7: Last Treatment
For the last treatment, I blended protein with a color sealer to lock in Tiffany’s new hue.

The end result: beautiful show- stopping red! This picture barely does the color justice. I added a second picture Tiffany took of herself the next day! Guaranteed to make you notice.Final Red!

Tiffany’s hair looked and felt amazing. It was worth every effort to get such a beautiful end result. Tiffany was so excited with the finished look. From start to finish, this was a 5-hour process. If I had skipped a treatment or fill, I would have sacrificed this awesome end color. For color correction services, I charge by the hour to ensure that every step is included.

Changing your identity with hair color can be scary. If you are known as a striking blond, rich brunette or fiery red head, it can be life altering to you and those who know you when you make that change. Take the time to research what you want. Try on wigs in the color you are considering and work with an experienced colorist who can be honest with you about the expectations, maintenance, and end result. It can be one of your biggest and exciting life adventures.

And this is Tiffany now:

Tiffany's New Identity

A transformed and gorgeous “redhead”!

10 – 100 – 1000 Gray Hairs. No matter how many you have, here is what you can do about them.

Gray HairMy 30th birthday was a milestone for two reasons. First, I was lucky enough to celebrate 30 years without any major life mistakes. Whew! Secondly, and less celebratory, was finding my first gray hair. Ugh! Within the next few years, that gray hair seemed to multiply. I now have a collection of about 15 angry silver hairs around my hairline. Aside from the color, or lack thereof, the texture is coarse and wiry. Whether you’re dealing with your first few gray hairs, a mix of natural with gray, or you have a full head of gray hair, there are options. I want to share the secrets of beating your gray–on your schedule and within your budget.

To start, let me define a few terms we use in the salon world. These are terms we use to describe the types of coverage we can give gray hair. Color can do one of two things:

  • Blend – This is usually done with a demi-permanent color. Demi-permanent color will deposit a tone of color on the gray without totally covering it. The dimension of the hair will still show, but it will soften the silver to a warmer finish. It “blends” the gray hair with your natural hair color. Everyone’s gray is a little different in the way it takes color, therefore the deposit may be varied at the end result. The benefit of this process is the soft grow out it creates. The longevity is about 6-8 weeks. At the end of that time there will still be some color on the hair, but it will not be as intense as the day it was treated. If you want to soften your gray and not deal with an obvious regrowth requiring frequent visits to the salon, this is the perfect solution.
  • Cover – When a permanent color is used, gray hair can be 100% colored to match your pigmented hair. Once this product is applied and processed, no one will know you have gray hair. This type of service can make you look immediately younger and soften the coarseness of gray hair. Because it is permanent, it is on your hair, well, permanently. It will cause a line of demarcation as your hair continues to grow, this will mean more frequent visits to the salon for maintenance.
  • Percentages – Your stylist measures how much gray you have by percentage.
    • 0-25% = minimal gray
    • 25-50% = low to medium
    • 50-75% = medium to high
    • 75-100% = high percentage. Depending on your percentage, we decide what type of color to choose and how to apply it. The higher the percentage, the more effort and maintenance it will take to blend or cover it.

Now using the percentage scale, let’s talk about your gray hair and what to do with it….

Starter Gray 0-25%

You have a few gray hairs around your hairline and temples, or a small amount of gray hairs throughout your scalp. For my clients in this situation, I recommend gray blending. When your hair is 0-25% gray, it can typically be managed fairly easily with a demi-permanent color. No need to create a high maintenance program if you don’t have to. A blending process with demi-permanent color will soften the harshness of those hairs and add incredible shine to your entire head of hair.

Somewhere between 25-75%

The grays have multiplied. Maybe they are concentrated in the front or perhaps they have popped up throughout your head. Either way, they are noticeable and a distraction from your natural or desired hair color. For a low maintenance process, you can choose a blending service. To eliminate the gray all together, go for full coverage with a permanent color. A third option would be to weave in some of your natural color. This can hide some of the gray, yet still provide a forgiving grow out.

Silver Fox 75-100%

With a high percentage of gray, there are still many options. Blending with demi-permanent can soften it, but will not be as effective as with lower percentages of gray. Full coverage with permanent color will last longer and give you back the hair you had when you were younger. Foiling is also an option and it can create beautiful dimension with your natural color. Hair color can do amazing things to make you look more youthful. Permanent color will be an investment of time and money, but the difference can be worth it.

Growing out your hair after coloring it

So what if you’ve been coloring your hair and now you want to grow out your gray? Maybe you have been coloring your hair for years and feel ready for fewer salon visits and to let your natural color be the star. This is a conversation I have had with many of my clients. First, let me say that once you have permanent color in your hair it can’t be colored to match your gray. I know it’s a bummer, but it’s a fact. You have one of two choices. You can start foiling in your color instead of an all over color. Keep in mind, this will start allowing more of your natural color to grow in, but there will always be a line of change as your hair grows out. Then eventually you can back off on the foils until you are at your natural color. This process can easily take over a year or more depending on how long your hair is. My recommendation is to bite the bullet and go cold turkey. Stop coloring all together and let it grow. Again, the longer your hair is the longer this process takes, but if you have shorter hair it will go faster than you think. It is a test in patience, but with the right stylist to coach you through it, it can be a freeing experience.

Embracing your gray, at any percentage

There are so many women who look amazing with gray hair. It can create a statement that others admire. Remember, gray hair doesn’t have to be seen as something that needs to be corrected. The choice is yours, and your stylist can help you settle on a look that right’s for you. When you’re ready to embrace your gray, I suggest a glazing service with a clear demi-permanent color to really help your silver hair sparkle.. This will give you softness and incredible shine, making your new natural color look its best.

When dealing with gray hair always remember there are options for every price level and lifestyle. Let your stylist help you decide which is the best path for you.

Hair Gone Wrong. How to recover from a bad salon appointment.

screen-shot-2013-06-18-at-9.59.13-amWhen I was about 10 (1983) my mom took my sister and I to the salon and told us we could have any style we wanted. After carefully going through magazines I found a picture of a women who was a vision of the 80’s. Bi-level haircut with a perm. I imagined how great I would look and was sure my friends would think I’d gone high fashion with my new hair. Fast forward to leaving the salon. One haircut and perm later my sister and I were both crying as we walked out with Q-Tip fuzz hair that looked nothing like the picture and took a year to get back to it’s former self.

Most of us have a salon horror story from some time in our life. Bad haircut, horrible color, or missed expectations that left us disappointed or devastated about the outcome. As a salon owner and hairstylist I have been on all ends of this process. I have had the bad hair, I have fixed the bad hair, and yes, I will admit I may have created the bad hair at some point. In this post I want to share how to handle this experience from talking to the stylist who performed the service, knowing when it is time to give another stylist the opportunity to repair your hair and when to ask to be reimbursed for your bad hair service.

Hair Gone Wrong. What to do next:

1. At a commission salon…

If your salon service took place at a commission salon the stylists are employees of the business. This means the owner or a manager is ultimately responsible for offering a course of action.

Call the salon, ask for the owner or manager and explain what happened. Share your experience, what your desired outcome was and what was your actual end result. Typically they will ask that you come back in so there is an opportunity to resolve the situation. They should give you the option of seeing the same stylist or meeting a new stylist for this appointment. You can decide who you would like to see based on your comfort level.

2. At a lease salon.

At a lease salon stylists rent and run their own business from the salon owner. The owner typically wants to maintain a respected reputation for the salon, but ultimately is not responsible for the services provided by the stylists.

First contact the stylist who performed the service. Explain what went wrong. The stylist should give you an opportunity to return for them to correct the color or haircut. If you aren’t satisfied with their response reach out to the salon owner by phone or email. While they aren’t responsible for the services performed by the leasing stylists, many times they want to maintain a positive reputation for the salon. The salon owner may offer other options for you.

3. When to ask for your money back

Was your hair damaged to the point that you had to visit another salon or stylist to have it repaired? You can ask the original salon or stylist for your money back for the service. As a stylist I consider how successful the consultation was at the original appointment. If I felt confident that I understood my clients requests and gave accurate feedback on how short the hair would be or what colors I would be using and fulfilled that by the end of the appointment I am less likely to return money to a client. If I was unable to fulfill the expectations I promised at the beginning of the appointment I will ask that they return for an opportunity to better meet their desired end result. After that appointment if I still have not achieved the promised goal I will then consider returning the cost of the service. For example; if a client came in with a desire to cover their gray and have no sign of red in their hair and I promised it would happen then at the end of their service the grey was not fully covered and the hair had some red tones I did not fulfill my promise. Alternatively, if a client came in with the same expectations and I felt I could not cover their gray to their specifications and shared that in the initial consultation I am less likely to return funds after the service if a client is disappointed.

A few tips to save you from a bad salon service.

Your consultation is kind of a big deal. Make sure your are prepared with pictures to share your vision. If you want to learn more about how to find the perfect hairstylist and get the hair you want go back to this post. Every stylist should take the time for an in depth conversation with you. If you don’t feel that they share your vision do not continue your appointment. There are thousands of amazing stylists out there so it’s worth it to take the time to find the one that “gets” you. It can make the difference between hair your love and hair that’s not so great.

You get what you pay for. This doesn’t mean you have to spend tons of money on a cut or color, but the cost usually represents the experience of the stylist. Do you have naturally curly, thick hair and want to reduce the weight and have it look great when it’s air dried? I would be hesitant to recommend a junior stylist. You would need someone who has more experience and even specializes in curly hair. It may cost more initially, but an experienced senior stylist will cut your curls to your vision in a way that causes less upkeep and extend future hair cut appointments. Now if you have long hair and want and inch taken off the length and your bangs trimmed this is a perfect job for a stylist early in their career and a time to save some money. Don’t forget to always ask how frequently a stylist attends continuing education. A stylists who charges less but attends frequent classes may have more to offer than a senior stylist who rarely takes a class to keep up on trends, techniques and technology.

Bad hair sucks. Dealing with it and getting it repaired takes time and energy from other things in your life. With that being said stylists can’t improve what they do without honest feedback from our clients. Take the time to follow up when you are disappointed with a salon service and when possible give the stylist the opportunity to correct the work. Hopefully your bad hair days are behind you and nothing but happy hair ahead!

Growing Your Hair – Pop Quiz

Grow Your Hair
Want to grow your hair? Do you know the best way to do it? Take this Growing Your Hair Quiz and find out if you know the facts about what makes your hair grow faster, stronger, and better than ever before.


1. On average hair grows how many inches a month?

On average, hair grows an 1/2 inch per month. This means it would take 6 months for your hair to grow 3 inches and 1 year to grow 6 inches.

2. Frequent trims cause hair to grow faster.

False. Hair grows at the rate it grows. Frequent trims can make the hair healthier as it grows, but keep in mind the ends should really just be “dusted”, meaning about an 1/8 of an inch or less taken off through your growth process.

3. Styling products can make hair longer.

True. While the right products can’t necessarily make your hair grow faster, they can make your hair seem longer by keeping the ends healthy. Heat protectants, conditioners, and protein based products help to reduce split ends and breakage. This will make your hair seem longer and reduce the amount you need to cut off during salon trims.

4. Eating / taking this can make your hair grow faster….

Trick question. Many believe that taking specific supplements or eating certain foods can make your hair grow faster. The truth is, just being healthy and taking care of your body overall will result in healthier hair. Eat a balanced diet with fresh fruits and vegetables, proteins, and whole grains. Also, don’t forget to exercise. By doing these things, you give your body everything it needs to produce healthy hair quickly.

5. Hair grows faster in which season?

Summer! Hair grows faster in warm weather. There is more blood circulation when your body is warmer, therefore generating faster hair growth. Your body recognizes temperature more than seasons, so if you take a warm weather vacation in January, that can stimulate follicle growth.

Above all else, growing your hair takes patience. The right stylist can be your biggest cheerleader and support you through the process. There may be some days where the process is driving you crazy and you’re tempted to cut it all off. It may seem like it’s taking forever. In those moments, reach out to your stylist to help keep you on your path. For all of my clients growing our their hair, we extend their haircut appointments by 2 or 3 weeks, but schedule 15 minute “clean up” appointments in between. A “clean up” may consist of a bang trim, neck trim, cleaning up around the edges, or sometimes it is just a counseling session where I check in with them and encourage them through the process.

Now you have the facts. Go grow your hair!

Your Hair on Vacation – Tips and Tricks to Keep it Easy

You Hair On VacationYour vacation is coming up. You have your packing list, reservations, and some fun planned. What about your hair? Have you thought about how you can make it easier to keep your style fresh while away? Here are some easy tips and tricks to make your hair look great with as little effort as possible, giving you more time to enjoy the view.

1. Consider getting a salon blowout.

Getting a fabulous salon blowout the day before you leave can save tons of time on your trip. The style will last longer than a do-it-yourself style and make you look fantastic as you jet set to your destination.

2. Schedule a professional smoothing service with your stylist.

Smooth Lock Stay Sleek

Smooth Lock Stay Sleek

At Fix we offer the Ultimate Blowout that gives you smoother, more manageable hair for up to 13 shampoos. It’s perfect to combat frizz in those humid tropical climates or to keep your hair sustainably sleek for your city adventure. For details, check out The Ultimate Salon Blow–Beat Your Frizz This Summer. Short on time? Smooth Lock Stay Sleek Leave In Cream is your next best option. This styling cream reduces frizz, fights the humidity, and makes your ‘do shiny and smooth.

3. Don’t forget your dry shampoo.

Powder Refresh 01

Powder Refresh 01

As I’ve mentioned in past posts, dry shampoo is a girl’s best friend, especially while traveling. Why take up precious site seeing or beach time by going through an entire wash and blow dry process? Instead, spray dry shampoo at the root to absorb accumulated oils and you are ready to go! My favorite is Powder Refresh Dry Shampoo. I love it because it smells minty fresh and is easy to apply with the aerosol nozzle. A little goes a long way, so not only do you really get a bang for your buck, but you can extend your style for 2-4 days!

4. Pack travel size hair products.
Just about every hair manufacturer makes most, if not all, of their full size items in travel sizes. Perfect to stash in your bag when you are limiting yourself to carry-on or giving you a bit more space for another pair of shoes. Tip: Ask your stylist if they have any of your favorite products in sample sizes. These are generally small thin packets with one or two applications and are typically complimentary!

5. Leave your styling tools at home when heading to Europe.
First of all, there is always the issue of needing transformers for your dryer, flat iron and curling iron. In my experience, even when planned well, I’ve blown my best styling tools. Total pain. Plan on using the dryer at the hotel or consider purchasing inexpensive tools at a drug store once you’ve arrived. They will be calibrated to the electrical outlets causing less trouble during your styling. At the end of the vacation, donate them back to the hotel, hostel or housekeeping for them to pass on to future guests.

6. Let the air do the drying.

Full Swirl

Full Swirl

In hot sticky locations, it takes twice as long to dry your hair with a dryer and the humidity can potentially reverse the result rather quickly. Talk to your stylist about tips and tricks to let your hair air dry using the appropriate products. I love Curvaceous Full Swirl 2 in 1 Cream. This 2 in 1 cream/serum is a great way to conserve space and blends the best remedy to control curly hair. It controls frizz and locks in moisture to keep curls fresh all day. You’ll save time and fit in with the relaxed atmosphere of your destination.

7. Embrace the bun.
If your hair is long enough a bun can make for an effortless look. Whenever I travel, I make sure to have ponytail holders and hairpins in my purse, backpack, beach bag, make-up bag, and any thing else I may be carrying around. These are my favorite bun hairpins. I get them at Sally’s beauty supply. They are inexpensive and even the thickest hair can be “bunned” with four of them and a hairband. The perfect way to transition from day to night in any location.

8. Mask by the pool.
Sitting by the pool or beach all day? Do you hair a favor by letting it sit in your favorite

Deep Facets Mask

Deep Facets Mask

treatment mask. Try Diamond Oil Deep Facets Mask. It’s a patented blend of rich oils that will give your hair shine and flexibility.Wet your hair before you head out, preferably in the shower but pool or ocean will work too. After towel drying your hair, add the mask. Wrap it on top of you head in a loose bundle and you’re set! Now let the sun do the work by warming it up to get maximum effect. Don’t forget to rinse it out at the beach shower or back in your room so you’re not adding mask to the pool.

9. Scope out the best blow dry bars.
Recently in New York I treated myself to an amazing blow out at Blow, a blow dry salon. City trips can get so hectic! It was the perfect way to have some relaxing down-time and saved me the trouble of doing it myself. In most larger cities, salon blowouts range from $35 – $65, and the feeling of being pampered is priceless.

10. Have a great hat.
Last year I had a salon guest who was going on a safari in Africa. She was staying at a beautiful camp resort, but was going to have very little access to electricity and water. When all else fails, pull out that hat. For this occasion she purchased a simple black baseball style hat, but depending on where you’re visiting, you can buy a great wide brimmed beach hat, fedora, or a casual cowboy hat and have a memorable souvenir from your trip.

There you have it! Everything your hair needs for your vacation. Now go get packing.

Avocado and Mayonnaise Are Not Hair Treatments


I’ve been doing some homework and looking into some online hair advice that is misleading. There are a endless amount of home hair treatments using things that are better on a salad than your head. I wanted to take a moment to touch on what makes an effective hair treatment and how dedicated hair treatments work differently than groceries.

Bananas, avocado, eggs, vinegar, mayonnaise, and coffee. These are just a few of the ingredients I have found for home hair treatments. Users swear to their effectiveness and seem to love the “organic” nature of the ingredients. The truth is what ever effect these ingredients have on the hair is cosmetic, or surface with a short longevity. Yes, eggs are a protein and we know we need protein for healthy hair, but these proteins are not designed to penetrate the hair strand in a way that will strengthen it. Penecillian is a drug derived from mold, but in order for it to be effective there is a chemical process that makes it compatible with our bodies and effectively do it’s job.

Every hair care manufacture developes treatments to repair the hair. The technology allows these products to derive the best of specific ingredients and partner them with science to give them effectiveness and longevity. As technology advances the effectiveness increases surpassing what a home treatment can provide.

Additionally, from a market perspective, there are over the counter salon treatments and in-salon treatments. In-Salon treatments typically have the ability to penetrate deeper into the hair strand and last much longer than an over the counter treatment product and in half the time.

At Fix we love our Redken Chemistry System. This unique in-salon treatment allows us to custom mix benefits specific to your hair needs. They can help reduce color fadaged, reduce frizz, add softness and/or strength. This treatment locks in its benefits by balancing the pH levels in the hair. The treatments take 7 minutes to apply. Because the technology drives the beneficial ingredients in to the center of the hair strand the effects are seen much longer than a home hair treatment or a over the counter salon treatment.

Our best selling over the counter treatment is Redken’s Strength Builder Plus. This cream mask is used in replacement of conditioner and when it is used 3 times consecutively it can increase the strength of the hair by 96%. Just think about that for a minute. 96%. Because Redken prides its self on science and technology every claim must by proven in a laboratory before it can be attached to a product. I have yet to read about a home hair treatment that can make a similar claim with scientifically proven results.

So, the next time you feel like your hair could use a little extra conditioning, strengthening, or shine visit your hair stylist instead of the produce aisle. Salon treatments are more effective and last longer than anything that was stored in your fridge.