Think You’re Losing Hair? Read This.

Hair LossThis is for anyone who has ever been worried about the amount of hair they are losing. Whether you notice it in the shower, see it on the bathroom floor, or left in a brush, hair loss happens. If you feel your hair is thinning, you’re not alone. As we age, everyone experiences hair loss. Here is some information about what is normal, what is not, and what you can do about it.

Normal Daily Hair Loss

On average, we lose 100 hairs a day. If your hair is shoulder length or longer, this shedding process may be more noticeable because of the length. Shampooing and brushing your hair facilitates this process. If you spread out your shampoos to every other or every third day it may seem like you are loosing more than a normal amount of hair, but in reality it is the accumulation of hair from the days you didn’t shampoo. I have naturally wavy hair. When I wear it curly, I never brush through it and I shampoo every third day. By the time I shampoo and comb through my hair I have a fist full of strands that are determined to clog my drain if I don’t catch them. It seems like there is a lot, but in reality it is just an accumulation of 3 days of normal shedding hair.

Your hair goes through 3 phases of growth: anagen, catagen, and telogen. The anagen phase is know as the growth phase. The longer your growth phase, the longer you can grow your hair. If you feel like you can never get your hair to grow to your dream length it is probably because you have a short anagen phase. At any time 85-95% of you hair is in the anagen phase. In the catagen phase the hair strand is released from the follicle, cutting off blood supply needed for growth. In this phase the hair is not growing but still securely on your head. Finally there is the telogen phase. This is the phase where shedding occurs and effects 13% of your hair. During this phase the existing strand is released as the follicle begins to regenerate a new strand. The length of these phases are determined by genetics so you can thank your parents for your abundance or lack of hair.

Hot Tip – Want more hair? Get Pregnant.

During a pregnancy, your hormones change causing more of your hair to be in the anagen, or growth phase. This is why pregnant women experience amazing hair growth. The downside is that as hormones re-adjust after pregnancy, typically when you finish breastfeeding, then hair kicks in to the telogen phase when excessive hair loss is experienced.

Hair Loss From Aging

About 50% of men and 74% of women claim to be effected by hair loss. In the US nearly 30 million women experience hair loss at some point in their lives. As we age we experience more hair loss. For those between the age of 18-34, 16% are experiencing hair loss, but the number jumps to about 45% for those over the age of 50.

Men and women produce testosterone, but as we age it converts to dihydrotestosterone or DHT. This affects the body’s ability to produce hair. The hair bulb is basically suffocated, causing it to be unable to grow hair. Menopause is when most women experience major hair loss as a result of this process.

Hair Loss From Life Changes

When I have a client who is experiencing greater than typical hair loss, I ask them to think about what changed in their lives 3 months prior. It takes that amount of time for our hair to be affected by falling out. This can be a change in diet, medication, or stress. Divorce, breakups, deaths, or unemployment are just a few examples of situations that can initiate hair loss. Going on or off medication including birth control, vitamins, supplements, antibiotics, and mood stabilizers can also affect hair loss. The good news is that it is not permanent. This type of loss is usually temporary and eventually grows back over time.

What You Can Do About Hair Loss

Some hair loss is permanent, but many times your follicles can be jump-started to initiate new growth. There are well know lines like Nioxin and Rogain that have been used by many to make it happen. Now other hair care companies are adding hair regenerating lines. At Fix we carry Redken products and they have developed Intra-Force, a 3 step process of products that combats the causes of thinning hair and reduces breakage by 95%. This line is designed to reduce a build up of sebum and DHT on the hair to promote a healthy environment for hair growth. Vitamin E and and Arginine are implemented to give the scalp nutrients for ideal follicle growth.

I love that I have a solution for my clients that are concerned about hair loss. I have seen the results and it’s impressive. When the correct products are prescribed and used appropriately I have seen a reduction in hair loss and new growth. Keep in mind hair that is generated as a result of any line of this kind is usually finer than normal hair, but it is hair. For men or women experiencing hair loss it can be empowering to see new growth come in after using the right products.

Hair loss can be a miserable experience, but when you have the right information to diagnose why it’s happening and products that can potentially stimulate new growth, you can find the silver lining. Talk to your stylist about your concerns and they can point you in the right direction so you can have healthy, beautiful hair.

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