Shampooing – How Long Can You Go

Shampoo less with these easy tips.First, let’s talk about why your scalp produces oil. We all have a fine layer of oil on our skin. It works as a moisturizer and protects our skin and hair from environmental aggressors that would dry it out. Every time those oils are stripped or washed off of our skin and hair can  feel dry until our body can reproduce that oil layer. The more often these oils are removed our body works twice as hard to replace it. The less these oils are removed the less our body works to replace it.

The more you shampoo, the more frequently your body is replacing the oils to your scalp, the oilier your hair becomes. On the opposite end, the less frequently you shampoo, your body slows down it’s oil production providing more days between washes.

Train your scalp. You can reduce the amount of oil your scalp produces with a little patience and the right hair product.

1. Start by shampooing your hair every other day. I know, this probably invokes anxiety in some of you, but you need to bite the bullet and go for it. Step 2 will be your secret weapon.

2. Use a dry shampoo. If you’re not familiar with dry shampoos yet, let me tell you, you are missing out on one of the best hair products on the market right now. Dry shampoos come in aerosol and shaker forms. They are basically powder that when applied to the scalp absorb all of that extra oil. Some brands come in colors to match your hair color and some become invisible upon application. In addition to absorbing oil they can add volume and texture to your hair!

3. Sleep with your hair bundled up on your head. I have found that if I bundle my hair on the top of my head in a loose rubber band at night, my hair is less oily in the morning. This keeps your hair in place with less movement avoiding the spread of oil.

3. Eventually go 3 days without shampooing. After about 30 days of your every other day washes go crazy and try for a third day. It may be a hair-up day, but remember the more you can stretch your shampoos the less oil your scalp will produce. Because you are using your dry shampoo your hair should still look great!

My favorite dry shampoo is Redken’s Powder Refresh 01. I love it because it is an aerosol delivery that distributes easily to the scalp. The powder melts in to the hair becoming invisible and it has a fresh minty scent that reminds me of tooth paste. Every time I use it I get amazing texture in my hair with a little bit of Victoria’s Secret girl volume to it!

Redken Powder Refresh 01

Now go for it! The best part of less shampoos is that you get to sleep in a little longer and still have great hair! So hit that snooze button and feel confident that you are going to have a really good hair day.

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